Overview and Resources for College Transfer Students

There are many reasons students choose to transfer to a new college.  Whether it is a community college transfer or a lateral transfer, great opportunities lie ahead!  Preparing for a transfer major is a bit different than applying as a freshman.  Colleges have different rules on how many units are transferable.  They want to know if you are prepared to commit to a major and have the prerequisites for a smooth transition.  Your old SAT or ACT scores may be required - or maybe not! Residential housing may have dorms specifically for mature transfer students, and other campuses may not guarantee housing.  If you are wishing to explore a transfer, be sure to speak with a transfer expert who can guide you through this process. 

For information on transfer into the University of California system, take a look at their admissions data by major.  Then give Campanile a call to review your academic profile and guide you through the application process.